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Adding YM Pingbox

Pingbox is Yahoo's customizable and embeddable IM application for Web pages that allow individuals to IM a user directly from that user's Web site. Friends will be able to IM others from their profile page without having to download or sign onto Yahoo Messenger, even when they are not on Facebook.
Now we will add Pingbox to blogspot

1. Login to your yahoo account
2. Go to
3. Click "Create Pingbox" >> Click "Create New"
4. Modif according your taste >> Save
7. Choose Pingbox to Blogger (or other your own website)
8. Copy the code
9. Sign into your >> Layout >> Add Gadget
10. In the pop-up window, click on "ADD TO BLOG" under HTML/JavaScript.
11. Type in desired "Title" such as "Chat with Me!" or "My Pingbox".
12. Paste the Pingbox code into the "Content" area (Ctrl+V).
13. Click "SAVE CHANGES" to close the pop-up window.

Finish :D
Now your blog visitor can chat with You ;)

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