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Learning to MXit

MXit (pronounced "mix it") is a free instant messaging software application developed in South Africa. MXit also supports connection to other instant messagers such as MSN Messenger, ICQ and Google Talk. Same like mig33 and Nimbuzz, Mxit does not charge for one-on-one messages, and because messages are sent via the internet and not via SMS.

MXit has a registered userbase of over 11 million, about 17 million log-ons per day and over 250 million messages sent/receive per day.

MXit have MXit currency named "moola" that purchased in Rand either via credit card or via a premium rate SMS service. Moola is used for services as provided in the Tradepost, as well as to chat in the chat rooms (one-on-one messaging is free of charge)

MXit allow you to pimp your MXit application. You can choose favourite skinz, wallpapers, emoticons, music and customize your IM experience.

You can use MXit on PC but have to register in from your mobile first :) is it not flexible??? I dont know :)
You also can download in same link

Happy Chat :)

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